No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slightly Improved Day

I woke up after a great night of rest not feeling as sore as I thought though I feel the tightness and tingling from time to time. HEM and EMM had a really rough morning though. We went back for more adjustments today and go for x-rays tomorrow.

I had to deal with the bank today because they thought Sean's card was being fraudulently used. They didn't want to talk to me because it was "his" card. I "gently" reminded them it was "MY" account with his name under mine. :) They finally made a note so they would stop any holds on his card.

Pray for my sister in law, Lori. She underwent surgery today to remove a mass above her uterus. She was in pain yesterday and the dr.'s thought it may be her appendix or gall stones then they found the mass. They had to remove part of an ovary, but she should still be able to have children. The doctors told the family they didn't think it was cancerous so that's good news. Pray for a speedy recovery!

A sweet friend from church called to let me know today she was ordering pizza for us tonight so I wouldn't have to cook! It was nice to be "one anothered" in such a simple way and enjoy one less thing to do today. We have friends that invited us over tomorrow night, too. :) It's great to see people living the example Christ wants us to live.

Keep praying for our bodies to heal. Also remember my sister in law and her family during this hard time for them. I haven't had anymore communications from Sean yet. Continue praying for his safety, too as well as spiritually. The military isn't known for its godly reputation. I'm taking EMM and GEM to Grandma's tomorrow afternoon so that I can have the next day with Heather. She's looking forward to it! I'll blog tomorrow about our chiro appt. where hopefully all goes well!

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Andrea said...

How is your sister-in-law, Stacy? I've been thinking of her and remembering my experience in the hospital with a burst cyst, surgery and discovering I had endometriosis. Praying for her!