No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

More About My Heart of the Matter

I thought blogging would be good for me because I always have so much to say! I'm also a stay home mom so it's nice to have a place to express my thoughts where just maybe someone will "hear" them that understands them. I'm pretty sure my 3 girls get tired of hearing mommy preach anyway.

I've lived a somewhat complicated life that at some point I thought was getting less complicated. Then tomorrow arrives. Like all of you, I have a story, and if you ever want to hear it I'll be glad to tell it to you. God has done a lot with this clay vessel and the process of molding and shaping is still underway. There are sure a lot of lumps in this clay, but I have the perfect Potter!

Some of my good moments are those with my mom and grandparents growing up in the deep South.

My better moments are those with my husband and 3 children and growing relationships with other people.

My best moments are those with my Savior and seeing God's hand in my life and the lives of others.

I married my husband in 1998, on Valentine's Day. God has truly blessed us over the years! I find myself in a daily battle with my old self and I am working on keeping short accounts with God. I hope some of my ramblings on my blog may serve a meaningful purpose to others and also provide therapy for me. :) My journey is long from over and I truly believe that even when I am not here I have a purpose because of the legacy I leave behind. My children will be a reflection of the person I am. I hope that I will be a reflection of our Savior.