No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relaxing weekend ahead!

My day began with a ringing phone! I stayed up late last night trying to get my house cleaned and organized after it sat neglected since the accident last week. I won't complain though because the phone call was none other than my wonderful husband! He's doing okay. He's working long days and has a bit of a cough that won't go away. It was good hearing his voice again!

Today also went well with the insurance agent coming to my house. He didn't want to make a settlement yet until we know more about our medical treatment. He's also going to get me a check soon for my car seats and stroller so I can get those replaced.

Tomorrow my friend Lori and I head out for Bloomington, IL for Hearts at Home. This is my first year going so I'm looking forward to it. It will be a great time for a break for me. The last couple of days I've been really grouchy and short tempered with the kids. I've not felt well with the sore body and all the stress. Today my body felt better than it has since the accident. :)

Keep praying for Sean and his health and safety. Also add to your prayers an insurance issue we've had for a few years now. We've been going back and forth over a medical bill that was to be paid by insurance, but for overly complicated reasons they refused to pay it despite all our paperwork. Pray that my current insurance will help with some of it (they were the secondary provider at the time), otherwise I've gotten stuck with this big bill! I was really upset about it this afternoon, but it's okay because I know it will work out with God in control.

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