No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Needing a good night!

This will be short as I sit here typing with a swimming head as though I'm going upstream. If something comes out wierd, don't worry, just sick.

HeEM got a headache during dance class and got worse the rest of the day. She skipped AWANA, and if you know HEM, she's not a faker and doesn't want to miss out on anything! She put herself to bed early even though she, Grace, and I took a nap together in my bed.

GEM is cutting molars I believe. Sunday night and last night were long nights with her thrashing and screaming throughout the night and 4 of her fingers shoved into her mouth. Nothing would console her unless I let her pretend to bop me with her cup. Somehow the thought of causing me pain entertained her.

Tonight I have been shaky with an achy body. I haven't had a fever like Heather has, but am hoping it's a lack of sleep. I'm off to a hot shower and crawling into my bed with the electric blanket. My hat's off to those single moms that do this day in and day out. I miss having my mate here for support and hugs! Only 3 1/2 more days!! So thankful God has protected him so far.

Lift a prayer up for us to have good health and renewed strength. With all the ups and downs the last few weeks it has given great teaching moments to my children about the love and power of God!

Good night!!

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