No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

And there was sickness all about the house...

This last week was so long. Earlier last week GEM got sick. At least she still slept fairly well at night. Sean was gone to Springfield for his Army training. Just as GEM seemed to be better, EMM didn't feel well, then I didn't feel well. This led up to Saturday (2 days after Sean got home) and then he got sick as well. He's starting to feel better now. Hopefully HEM doesn't get it next!

I can tell I'm not 100% today, but I hung out with friends, ate ice cream, and played some Guitar Hero. I'm sure that'll help me out!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I also don't have any Lemongrass parties scheduled right now for November. If you want a party, let me know. My family can expect Lemongrass presents this year for Christmas! :) I wonder will the present economy affect the turnout on black Friday? I also wonder if the people I know (that would be you) are being directly affected by the economy right now?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Night to myself

Wow! Sean left around lunch time today for Springfield. The kids went to Grandma's tonight! I can't remember the last time I was all alone in my house. So now I'm going to be practical and finish putting away the summer clothes and pulling out the winter ones. It doesn't matter how late I'm up, I get to sleep in tomorrow!!

How crazy this morning...Sean took HEM to the orthodontist this morning and ran a couple of other errands. When he got home he parked out front (facing the wrong way) and came in to get his stuff to take off. When he got back out to his car, he had a ticket! All I could think is really??? They aren't out here busting the people that keep dumping their trash in our yards and speeding down the streets and they don't come when I called them about the big gang of kids about to fight in the middle of our street, but they ticket his car in front of his own house that sat there a matter of minutes??!!

Okay, I feel better.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Alone again...

Well, this will be another long week. Sean leaves in the morning for Springfield, IL. The Army has called him out for a class. I should be achieving "expert" in single parenting because it seems he's gone a lot lately with the Army. I'm sure the future holds more time away, too. I have to remember to be thankful that he has a good job that pays him when he's gone so it's just another reminder that God is providing for our family and allowing me to be home full time! Before he leaves tomorrow he's going to vote early and take HEM to the orthodontist bright and early. YAY that I don't have to drag the other 2 out in the morning! :) I'm just a little nervous because HEM will need her braces by next summer from what the orthodontist has previously indicated and she still needs 4 more teeth pulled. I'm trusting God that He will provide the finances to take care of it. She has a serious need for braces, not just cosmetically. We had to start all this when she was 8! She's just now able to get in some of the permanent teeth she should have gotten years ago. Maybe we'll get lucky with the other 2 girls!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Long day ahead...

How nice that time goes back an hour tonight. I don't envision an extra hour of sleep headed my way, though. I don't think my one year old will pay attention to the reset clocks in my house. Tomorrow is a memorial for Sean's grandmother who passed away. I made desert and 48 deviled eggs tonight! I think I spent the better part of my day in the kitchen. :) Sean leaves Monday and is gone for the week for more military training.

We did go trick-or-treating Thursday night. HEM was Queen Lucy, EMM was Sleeping Beauty, and GEM was Tinker Bell. I'll have to get a picture posted when I download them from the camera. GEM had a ball getting candy. She learned quickly to say "trick, treat". We had to hide all the candy to keep her out of it!

Hoping everyone has had a good weekend. Love you all!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well, this is my first official blog! Today was a great day as we enjoyed a trip to the pumpkin patch! The girls had a great time! GEM picked out her first pumpkin and knew she had the right one when she could pick it up by herself and put it in the wagon. We took our friend, Amanda, with us. We got them all carved and they're in the window now. For Halloween HEM is Queen Lucy (from Lion, Witch and Wardrobe), EMM is Sleeping Beauty, and GEM will be Tinker Bell!