No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not just a baby anymore

So yesterday we took the big step of taking down GEM's crib and putting the twin bed in. She was sooo excited. We haven't gotten her bedding yet (hopefully in the next couple of days), but we had the mattresses so we went ahead anyway. All she could say was, "GEM's bed!" After our last bedtime prayer in HEM and EMM's room GEM took off to "Gace's bed". Se was ready to try it out. I was a bit pathetic last night though. I kept waking up and going in to check on her throughout the night. She was fine and she slept better than I. :) Tomorrow she turns two! I can't believe how the years get faster and faster! That little youngun drives me (and her sisters) crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't trade her. We're working on holding up 2 fingers.

I have to go now because she's found more food to open in the cabinet.

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Lori Jacobs said...

Happy Birthday to Grace!