No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The busy week ahead!

I am so proud that I got most of my house in order today. Well, until tomorrow arrives and we live in it anyway. :oP Tomorrow is my busy day. Bible study in the morning, straight to HEM's dance class, then home for a while. AWANA rounds out the evening. Thursday we are having another couple and 3 college kids over for supper. Those college kids get so excited about a free meal!! I remember those days though. Fortunately for them, we're just down the street from their school (St. Ambrose). Friday I've invited several moms over for lunch. I am contemplating making GEM's first hair cut appointment for Saturday morning at Cookie Cutters. They did EMM's first hair cut, too. They do a great job and have a special deal just for first hair cuts. Saturday afternoon we're celebrating EMM's birthday so we do it before Sean leaves. He leaves some time on Sunday for his 3 week overseas trip to S. Korea. He's excited. The kids are not so excited though. We looked at a map together yesterday to see where daddy would be. Feel free to pray for his safety and my sanity! I have talked with Grandma about us taking turns getting one on one time with the girls during his time away. I'm also excited about going to the Hearts at Home conference with Lori in March as well!

That's my excitement for this week. I'll get some pictures posted of EMM's party this weekend I hope.

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Andrea said...

Wow! Sounds like a super busy week!:) I hope you have a good night and day tomorrow with Sean before he leaves. We'll pray for his safety and your sanity.:)