No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going to miss Daddy!

I just have to share what happened the other day...

On Monday nights Sean usually stays at his mom's house in Clinton because he's at school late anyway (and it's a 45 min. drive home) and EMM has dance class, so he only sees the kids about an hour that night anyways.

This Monday EMM wanted to know if she could send daddy an e-mail at work. I told her after she finished her work she could. She finished and asked to e-mail him again.

Here's what she wrote:
dear daddy i hope you are having fun i am. i rily mis you. i mean rily rily mis you. i hope you do to. i have a broken hart becas you are not here. love EMM

Needless to say...he came home that night. :) I think she's going to miss him while he's in S. Korea.

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Andrea said...

Oh, Stacy! That just made me cry! How precious! No wonder Sean came home!