No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Another Day

This morning I was greeted by my 10 year old singing her own version of Happy Birthday. She was so excited it was my birthday except she was trying to make me older than I really am. :) I felt so loved when I went to my Facebook page and saw all the birthday wishes, too. Sean is in Springfield for Army training and this is the first time since I turned 22 that he isn't here to celebrate with me. It just postpones our family eat out to celebrate, but he did treat me to Red Lobster a few nights ago. YAY!

Even though I'm another year older I can't say I feel older (or wiser) yet. It really doesn't seem any different from yesterday or the day before. However, I do appreciate all the people that took time out to tell me "happy birthday".

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