No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Staying Home

It is soooo unbelievably cold! I think our temps are suppose to be -23 or something like that tonight. For three days now I have not left the house. It's been rather nice staying put. :)

Today we got our Wii Mario Kart set up so the girls and I could play our friends here in town. That was nice since it was too cold for us to get together in person for a play date. I enjoyed it!

Yesterday (and today...and tomorrow) Sean has had no school, like many, because of the weather. The girls wanted to know if they had a snow day and were disappointed that I said, "You don't get snow days!" They worked hard though and got their work done. It was nice that Sean let me sleep in this morning.

Tomorrow I hope we go to the Putnam Museum and IMAX. It's a buy one/get one ticket combo this weekend. I know the girls want to see Madagascar 2. We're about to begin our study on animals in science, beginning with mammals. I thought we could check out the exhibit on mammals while we're there.

Otherwise all is well. Sean's uncle in New York died a few days ago. His mom and step-dad got there today. The funeral is tomorrow.

Hope everyone out there is staying warm!

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Andrea said...

Wowzers! It's cold there! It's been 30's and 40's here and today for some reason, it's going to be 54! Yahoo! Wish we could send some warm weather your way!