No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost back to normal!

It's been exactly six weeks today since my accident. It has been so aggrivating going to the chiro 2 - 3 times per week (though I appreciate my chiro and the definite improvement from going), driving a rental and worrying who will damage it, and waiting for my own van to be repaired. I am happy to say that the dealership called today!! I answered the phone and he asked for me. When I said this is she his response was, "You won't believe it!" I asked if my van was ready and of course it was!! I was able to pick it up shortly afterward! It felt good driving my own van although it was making a high pitched sqeal so I'll probably take it back in the morning. (Go figure!)

I am so thankful for people that have prayed and asked about it from time to time. It showed me that people were thinking of me and hadn't forgotten. :) Now we just have to wait to make the final settlement with the insurance.

I will be so grateful when this is over! I don't understand those people that "fake it" just for the insurance. The inconvenience and work of it all would drive me nuts!!! After this week we should be able to visit the chiro once a week a few times before going back to our normal every other week.

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