No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Monday, November 3, 2008

Night to myself

Wow! Sean left around lunch time today for Springfield. The kids went to Grandma's tonight! I can't remember the last time I was all alone in my house. So now I'm going to be practical and finish putting away the summer clothes and pulling out the winter ones. It doesn't matter how late I'm up, I get to sleep in tomorrow!!

How crazy this morning...Sean took HEM to the orthodontist this morning and ran a couple of other errands. When he got home he parked out front (facing the wrong way) and came in to get his stuff to take off. When he got back out to his car, he had a ticket! All I could think is really??? They aren't out here busting the people that keep dumping their trash in our yards and speeding down the streets and they don't come when I called them about the big gang of kids about to fight in the middle of our street, but they ticket his car in front of his own house that sat there a matter of minutes??!!

Okay, I feel better.

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