No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Long day ahead...

How nice that time goes back an hour tonight. I don't envision an extra hour of sleep headed my way, though. I don't think my one year old will pay attention to the reset clocks in my house. Tomorrow is a memorial for Sean's grandmother who passed away. I made desert and 48 deviled eggs tonight! I think I spent the better part of my day in the kitchen. :) Sean leaves Monday and is gone for the week for more military training.

We did go trick-or-treating Thursday night. HEM was Queen Lucy, EMM was Sleeping Beauty, and GEM was Tinker Bell. I'll have to get a picture posted when I download them from the camera. GEM had a ball getting candy. She learned quickly to say "trick, treat". We had to hide all the candy to keep her out of it!

Hoping everyone has had a good weekend. Love you all!

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