No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Halfway Check-in

So I've been following this journey with Farrell's for 5 weeks now. In that time I've only missed two days due to parent teacher conferences. Otherwise I've been faithfully attending class 6 days a week. Today we reported for a progress report, and I'm sure someone is dying to know how my body is taking this beating. In five weeks I've lost five pounds. I wasn't overly impressed with that after all the hard work, but even better is that I've lost two inches off my hips, two inches off my waist, half an inch from my chest, and in addition I was able to do more push ups and sit ups than I did in the beginning. This was an incredible feeling, but after all those measures we still had to run a mile. Now understand that running is not near and dear to my heart. I have not so fond memories of high school when I was on the tennis team and our coach made us run up and down the stadium stairs. I even tried cross country. For one day. I never went back. On top of it all, I have terrible pain in my right lower leg and ankle which is looking fore like a cankle (you know, the leg and ankle merge together with no differentiation). I wasn't sure I could run. I remembered hearing people say the first week that their running greatly improved after Farrell's so I was dying to know. Thankful I had wrapped my ankls! I had to know. The first day at Farrell's I ran a mile in 15.56 minutes. Yep, toddlers could pass me. Today I ran, WITHOUT ANY WALKING, after 5 weeks of kickboxing and resistance training, in...are you ready...12.16 minutes!! Truly the epic moment of my day! So there you have it, and I still have 5 more weeks! Farrell's is an awesome experience with encouraging people as well as making new friends. There are two ladies I've hooked up with regularly in class, Meagan and Jeni. I'm the old lady compared to these gals, but they help me look forward to each day.


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