No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Path Taken

Through every winding path this life leads me through
I will follow the voice of my Savior.
It comes as the rustle of the leaves,
the warmth of a spring breeze,
and even watching the clouds take shape overhead.
He gave me such beauty yet I know
my importance to Him is far above these splendors.

The path isn't guaranteed to be smooth
And I don't know how far it will go.
But I trust His promises
while I allow heaven's peace to fill my heart.

No matter the stops along the way,
whether they be easy or difficult
I will trust in my Savior
Knowing He will lead me all the way.

Jesus, my Lord, my Savior
May I never let go of your hand.
Renew me daily inside and out
For I want to depend wholly on you
Knowing that without recognizing your voice or following your lead
I will end up on a path that was never intended for me.

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