No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New beginnings...

I've never gone this long without posting a blog. As much as I enjoy having a blog, I find it hard to have time to get it done!

So what has been happening? Well, I've spent the last three weeks readjusting to life in the working world again. I am enjoying being in the classroom again, but it is very tiring. It does make me appreciate my evenings with my family and I find myself getting most of my chores done on weekends. The girls are really enjoying the change of schooling. It's a big transition going from homeschooling back into an actual classroom not run by mom. I do still enjoy being very actively involved in their schooling still, especially as I have the two younger ones with me where I teach. The oldest one gets to be with her dad, so I'm very grateful that we are still able to be a huge part of their education.

Hard to believe summer is almost at an end, but I do love fall! We really didn't do anything exciting this summer. We held off on vacations and trips for a couple of reasons this year. We ended up replacing our roof on our house which turned into a bigger job than we originally expected! Our house was built in 1921 and has been wonderfully maintained with various remodels through the years. We did not expect, however, to have the original shingles still on our house under two more labels. I guess previous owners wanted to do the job themselves. :( We are thankful that we have a beautiful new roof. We also held off because of my grandmother. Praise God she is still with us, but she is in a downhill battle with cancer. We wanted to be available in case we had to leave quickly. My family is in the South about 17 hours from where we live. I know in my heart she is dying a little more each day, but I am being thankful for every moment she continues to go on and for the impacts she is having on others.

My sweet little GEM is so exhausted after a day of preschool. She comes home and lays on the couch or floor. It's rather funny. I spend other time going over homework with the other two. HEM is making friends well and getting very involved at her school. EMM is also making friends and adjusting better than I thought she would (she's my dramatic, emotional one).

I don't feel I live a very exciting life, but it is still a very blessed life. I hope to have more to post in the future.

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