No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Steadfast Love of the Lord Never Ceases...

I feel like the days have been creeping by. I go to bed each night praying for a settled mind and a peaceful night's sleep. I will ask those of you that like to pray to remember me if you would. I can't really put a finger on what's gotten to me so. I think it's a combination of waiting for my blood tests to confirm what's going on with me, my grandmother's test results (coming tomorrow), and finances (you know...paying bills, medical bills, a new garage door, new roof needed, etc.) Sometimes the last is hard because I feel bad for not bringing in any income. I know my job is priceless, but I know I have the capability of bringing in a decent salary. Honestly there is little desire to be in a classroom for me right now. I know God could change that, but right now my desire is to be home. I feel blessed to be surrounded by my children and my home during the day. I feel blessed, too, to have my friends check on me, pray for me, and read my blog. :) I have felt a dark cloud of depression lingering over me lately, but I am so far able to keep things in perspective and not allow it to consume me. I remind myself of God's graciousness and steadfastness. It gets me through days like this.


Laurel said...

Praying for you, Stacy. Glad you posted.

Kathy said...

thank you for your honesty. I have had similar days! Keep holding on to Jesus ... I will certainly lift you up in prayer.