No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

View for the New Year

I've never liked making New Year's resolutions. I suppose I know I won't keep it well so why disappoint myself. I have enough failures in my life. With each new year I find myself longing to enjoy each day more. As the days of my grandmother's life draw to an end, I am reminded of just how temporary this life is, and I do not want to look back with regret on what I missed out on. What I have been thinking a lot about lately is how to not miss out on things.

I think many of us have the wrong idea about taking advantage of every day. I know that many times I feel I have to participate in everything I am invited to or that I must enroll my children in endless opportunities whether it is sports, church activities, school get the idea. God has been speaking to my heart lately though about this particular matter. What I've come to realize is that many times, filling my days up with numerous activities, attending every social event, and looking for ways to make my children "happy and successful" really has nothing to do with making the most of every day. Instead I am filling a void. That void only becomes larger the more I try to fill it! Instead of making the most of my days and my life with earthly things I should be filling them with heavenly things. Instead of a night out with the girls, why not a night out with my Savior? Instead of finding a new sport or extra-curricular activity for one of my children, why not spend the time with them growing our relationship with Jesus? My kids don't need to play soccer, they need to understand the basis of their faith. It is NOT a Sunday only job, nor is it the responsibility of a church to turn my children into faithful followers. The church should be coming along side of me, not filling my place. If I only demonstrate a life of busyness, then that's the only life my children will know.

So instead of making revolutions I hope to keep, I need to actually make life changes that reflect my heart and that also reflect the will of God. Allowing myself to be consumed with things of this world (activities, appearance, etc.) are only making me a slave to this world rather than an ambassador for Christ. Imagine, if everyone gave as much of their time, energy, and money for God's purpose and work and we do for ourselves, how much better would our world be? How much better would our witness be?

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Alicia said...

I've struggled with the same issues. Feeling like I put Jesus on the end of the list instead of first. I too get caught up in the everyday crazies and I know I need to have Jesus first. I know he's waiting for me, patiently. But I need to intentionally invite him to lead my day. Thanks for reminding my to let go and Let God. Miss not seeing you these days. Hope all is going well.