No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The title pretty much sums up my day. I am not feeling too well and of course that signaled the 3 year old to being in a rotten mood. I was NOT up for mom of the year award today! Of course to top it off the hubby is out of town.

It was a rough day yesterday, too. We went before the school board to appeal our oldest daughter's open enrollment request to the district where my husband teaches. There were other people there appealing their denials, too. We are one of 5 districts in the state that has a Diversity Plan which prohibits most people from leaving if they are not free/reduced lunch or not low test scores. There was another father there that my heart broke for. His daughter (same age as our oldest, going to 6th grade) had been bullied all year and was actually beaten up in class by 2 other girls. He did everything the district asked yet nothing had been done all year about it. The girls were apparently never removed or punished. He had no trouble with his 5 children in the district until this year so now he wanted his daughter out for her safety. Sadly, the board made a unanimous vote against the group as a whole to be denied without any quetions or further looking into any one case. Instead they had someone explain the Diversity Plan and why we were rejected. I am contemplating writing a letter to send each board member. I need to think carefully how I want to word it as I am angry at the moment.

I hope I feel better soon. I am suppose to go to Chicago to stay with a friend this week. There's a big homeschool sale Saturday morning and I want to sell quite a bit of stuff since I am returning to work in August. For now I will go relax and enjoy my comfy bed.

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Beth said...

Hope you are feeling better. Praying for that young one being bullied! How hard would that be as a parent?!