No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our First Letterboxing Experience

First of all I have to thank my friend, Kathy, for giving me this idea. I first heard about this from her blog. She's very creative with a beautiful family. I have her blog listed under people I follow. =)

I went to and looked up locations in our area for letterboxes. I was amazed at just how many locations there are around us!! We picked one that was easy to find for our first. It was the first one on the list and it was on the same road as our church so we went for it.

It is a beautiful day here today! We couldn't have asked for a better day to be out. We did find the letterbox and it was very easy to spot. The girls stamped their notebooks and we signed the notebook in the box and the girls brought cute pencils to leave in the box. They thought it was pretty cool and are asking when we can do that again.

Here's some pictures of our experience.

When we first arrived at the site.

We spotted it right away!

The kids wanted to get it open, but mom just had to have a picture!

The girls were excited at all the trade items in the container.

The girls stamped the "smile" into their notebooks.

Such a pretty little spot...

You can see the letterbox in the bottom left of this picture...and the semi up above going on I-80. Interesting location!

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